NWICC is organized exclusively for Islamic educational, religious, charitable, and social activities.

All assets of NWICC are to be used for religious and social purposes documented in the by-laws.


All its activities shall be in accordance with the Quran, authentic Sunnah, laws of the State of Minnesota, and the laws of The United States of America.


The aim and purpose of NWICC is to serve the best interest of Muslims of Minnesota, particularly the Muslims living in the West and Northwest Metropolitan Areas (Plymouth/Maple Grove and it’s neighboring communities).

NWICC Board Members


Syeda Sadia Tarannum

Board Chair

Sadia is a Senior Project Manager and Business Insights Partner with one of the major retailers in Twin Cities. She graduated from University of Minnesota, where she was actively involved with the MSA (Muslim Students Association) and MYM (Muslim Youth of Minnesota). She has been proactive leader in the Muslim community of Twin Cities since over 17 years; as a teacher at Islamic Center of Minnesota for 7 years, Principal of the weekend school at Islamic Center of Minnesota for 3 years, and she has been a part of the NWICC since its inception. She also volunteers with other non-profit organizations, such as; Special Olympics Minnesota for Area 11 and 12, Habitat for Humanity, Second Harvest, and Interfaith Outreach, etc.


She is currently the Interfaith Outreach and Community Building Director at NWICC. Building deeper Interfaith/ inter-community relationships, education and raising awareness is very important to her and she has been working diligently to ensure we cultivate a community with faith, kindness and love as the foundation, not just in the NW suburbs but also in greater Twin Cities and in the Nation, InshAllah. Especially in current atmosphere, education and building relationships is vital. Currently, she is working with several community leaders from different faith groups to build relationships and educate about the beauty of Islam. She participates in church and synagogue group discussions, lead education sessions, create material for discussion, inter-faith dialogues, organize joint prayers, and also, developing a plan for Peace Camp for kids of different faiths to learn from each other and better understand each other’s faith traditions. She has successfully lead several community service projects involving Muslim community and other faith based communities. 

She has a passion to helping Muslim youth to not just enjoy spending time at the Masjid and be proud of their faith but also rise as leaders of tomorrow.


Faisal Khan

Board Member

My name is Faisal Khan and I have been a member of NWICC since 2008. I have volunteered with NWICC Sunday School for six years and am currently the Head of Operations. In this role, I have been fortunate to meet many of the NWICC members, from parents to fellow volunteers to our youngest members—the new generation of American-raised Muslims. I have been a member of the Elections Committee for the last three years and have also participated in the Eid Activities Committee. Through these activities I see firsthand what we can accomplish by working together, and I would be humbled to serve a term as a board member.


As business and IT consultant by profession, I bring more than 20 years of project management and operational expertise at Fortune 500 companies to my volunteer service. Outside of NWICC, I coach youth soccer. I am married with two children.


Mamdoh Ali

Vice Chair

Details coming soon!!!


Samuel Master


Details coming soon !!!


Sarah Alam


Sarah Alam is originally from Chicago

and an active member of Northwest Islamic Community Center since it’s foundation. Professionally, She is an IT personal who enjoys technology, problem solving and working around cyber security. She worked for Target Co operation and is in school for advance studies –

Sarah lives in Plymouth, MN with her family . She enjoys community services, spending time with family and friends , thrives on constant learning, enjoys reading ,writing poetry and winter sports such as skating and tubing down the hills on Minnesota snow!

Sarah is a member of Human Development foundation and an active volunteer of Tawatur; a non profit charitable foundation who works with families in need for bridal and formal wear. She also works with organizations and individuals to help minimize homelessness, provide food and assistance through NWICC community care team, who has partnership with Building blocks and Zacah .

Sarah feels Senior citizens and youth need a voice to be heard along with many other minorities . She is committed to a monthly senior club where she provides hands on activities, snacks and other fun themes with the help of other committed volunteers. She is actively involved with interfaith outreach and community partners as well. Her goal is to work together in collaboration with love , respect and care of individuals, regardless faith and religion.

Sarah’s new goal is to empower women! Let them be heard, given respect and equality . She has been following Reviving Islamic Sisterhood empowerment; Rise since its foundation back in 2015 and recently decided to give her time and service to them as well.

She also volunteered and worked with American refugee committee, who is internationally based. They help humanity , families in crisis , and support third world countries

Sarah’s aim is to leanIn, work together and make this world a place where generations will thrive upon without poverty acceptance, and prosperity. According to her ,

“If we can do small little things with respect, care, love and without judgement- We will be able to minimize and problem solve basic life struggles”

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Huma Yusaf

Board Member

Details coming soon !!!


Jamesha Salaam

Board Member

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ


I am Jamesha Shaikh Salaam, living in Plymouth, near NWICC along with my wife, 2 lovely daughters and a son.


Having a work experience of 15 years in IT Industry.


Prior to moving Minnesota, was living in Moline, IL and was an active member of ICQC Masjid by teaching Islamic Studies and by involving in other outreach activities.


Actively involved in Islamic activities in MN through Building Blocks in categories such as:


Dawah activities

- In county fairs, State Fair and also in community centers across Twin Cities and also in admin activities of Dawah

- Interfaith events

- Involved in food shelf packing and fundraising organized by Building Blocks.


- To assist homeless people


- Likes to build a platform for the young and future generations to focus towards Islam.


- Fond of playing ping pong, cricket at leisure hours and to spend time with family and friends.

NWICC Office Administrator


Sonia Anunciacior

Office Administrator

Sonia Anunciacion was born in Minnesota, raised in Toronto, Ontario, and now living in Shakopee, MN.  She finished school in Minnesota and went on to work in the real estate industry for the 13 years.  Now, she is a wife and mother of two children.  Less than a year ago, Sonia founded her own company,    Under the Lote Tree.  She has created Islamic workbooks for young children and continues to brainstorm new and fun ideas for kids to learn about their faith! 

Another passion of hers is being a member and Office Administrator of the NWICC community.  She and her family have found a place where they feel the warmth and compassion of those involved.  Thanks to NWICC, they have met incredible people and made lifelong friends

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